Furniture Tagging

Furniture Tagging

HK ensures security, efficiency, and effectiveness in executing your office furniture management services by utilizing our industry leading Asset Tagging. We provide customized tagging system from simple with a barcode or serial number to highly durable aluminum tagging to track your property, no matter the application. We provide customized furniture tagging with wide-range color, style, design, size, material and much more.


Furniture tagging is generally chosen for Brand promotion, inventory purpose, Price tagging or stock tracking tags in which customers prefer barcode or serial number to have a record of complete stuff. We offer a low-cost solution to utilize pre-defined barcode and serial number tagging that allows customization by hand for adding other features.

HK offers the variety of materials and size depending on your needs for the long-lasting damaging environment, short-range shifting conditions or indoor office conditions that exist in your workplace. Our graphic designers and printers can provide you unique and innovative furniture tags specific to your requirements.

We are the expert of organizing stuff with our excellent customized tagging services. We are also proficient, in printer and photocopier resources, to support and provide latest equipment and services, in the industry all over the country for almost 8 years. So, when you are required innovative tagging services, Let us know to provide a prompt and competitive quotation!