Mobile Apps

Mobile Apps

HK is the software development house to deliver data-driven and agile services to the customers. The entrepreneur emphases on each flair to grasp the customer and smartphone are an easily accessible target. As Mobiles are the essential part of Human life to attain numerous services constantly. Mobile app development is as important as the website presence to upsurge your business.


Our professionals produce highly refined iPhone and Android apps for each entrepreneur from startups to developed corporations. Our in-house creators design and develop speedy, convenient mobile apps with complete responsibility to make it appealing to customers.

HK App Service builds native mobile apps engaging iOS, Android and Windows to leverage the benefits to the customers. We offer the Robust Mobile App services to facilitate our clients to sync cross-platforms, authenticate customers, offline services, quick sign-in to assess easily apps.

We create mobile apps which are easily integrated with social media accounts like Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus and LinkedIn. You can broadcast personalized push notifications to your customer and employers quickly through mobile-push notification engine. HK is the best source to create mobile apps for your business and surely you would not disappoint.

E-Marketing (SMS, email, SEO, Google AdWords etc.) & Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing in this modern world is accelerating day by day from native advertisement. HK is a hub of one Tech solution for your industry from Software development to multinorm Digital Marketing strategy.

Once you could rely on any single source of marketing but now in this competitive marketing era, you need to target your audience from each available targeting platform whether Website, Social Media, SEO, Email, or mobile marketing etc. Audience Target Marketing is the main focus of the entrepreneur and they try to avail each platform. HK provides your business with best options for marketing to target your relevant audience to enhance ROI of your business.

SMS marketing and Local search engine optimization (SEO) are the main focus of mobile users to reach local brands and companies for their queries and purchase. HK helps you to enhance your presence in the digital world in google search engine with Google AdWords. As a Saudi based company, we are a planner to support your investment in your future with long-term sustenance in the market. We assist in communication between you and potential clients, promotional strategies, online availability of your business for investors, sell your products or services and enhance acceptance of your company and much more.

E-Marketing also helps you to the personal recommendations to other clients, increasing prominence in search engine through SEO, track your visitors to gain better insight into the performance of your website with Google Analytics Configuration. HK supports you to perform all these tasks through our e-marketing services to boost your company output.