Security Cameras (CCTV)

Security Cameras (CCTV)

HK is a leading company to provide you high-quality wide-ranging security services under one roof. We are the Expert Service Providers and Leading Supplier of a full range of CCTV solutions (Camera, CCTV surveillance system, Switcher, DVR, Recorder, accessories and many more) with the best quality and best price.


Our technical team is ever-evolving with upgrading technologies to work constant 365 days. Our technical team also assist in maintenance and upgradation of security cameras of your business. Our main supplies include CCTV Security Surveillance System, CCTV Digital Video Recorders which we provide for homes, businesses, institutions, and utilities etc.

We have become a leading Security System Provider in Riyadh, KSA since 2010 for our esteemed customers in all sectors. We provide full security system with complete responsibility and satisfaction guarantee whether designed for small commercial to the enterprise to high-security facility respectively. Our CCTV cameras are apt for indoor and outdoor surveillance whether offices, school, stores, hospitals or government buildings etc.

HK is a completely adequate system provider for the supply of security system, Installation, and Maintenance services. Our customers rely on us as we provide full back up services (Installation and Maintenance) with reliable and durable products to ensure consistent protection.

We provide full features (High Resolution, Night Vision, NVR, DVR etc.) to focus surveillance on the need of your business environment in a cost-effective way. If you want a quotation for your CCTV installation, Contact us now!